Of Lists and Things

September 2011
Denver, Colorado

Caitlin mentioned that she experienced “reverse culture shock” upon returning to California after spending two years in Uganda. I get what she meant. I had no culture shock whatsoever when I first arrived in the United States, but after a summer in Costa Rica, Spain and France, it’s going to take me a little while to get used to this place. I mean, where are all the street artists and musicians? Why does everybody look so busy, and why are there so many laptops all around? What is with the insanely high number of choices in the supermarket and why is everything supersized? And I suppose I’ll have to get used to not having 16th century castles to hang out in.

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“Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…”

June 2012
Denver, Colorado

Ever since I first heard of her, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell has been a source of fascination to me. She was a lot of things—writer, traveller, political officer, an influential woman in a man’s domain and yet someone who vehemently opposed women’s suffrage—but she is perhaps best known for her contribution to British policy-making with regard to the Middle East, where she worked alongside the likes of Lawrence of Arabia and King Faisal of Iraq. Continue reading ““Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…””