A Backpacking Story

August 2011
Granada, Spain

Let me tell you a story.

In a resplendent little hostel nestled amidst the cobblestoned slopes of Albayzin, Granada, worked a man from Boston by the name of Nick. I met this friendly young man during my travels this summer when I stayed at the Makoto Backpacker’s Hostel. He showed me around – “here’s our little kitchen. Breakfast is free, from 8 to 11 each morning”, “these are our hammocks, we only request that you take your shoes off when you use them”, “here’s your bed for the next three nights” – and then proceeded to pour me an awful version of Tinto de Verano at the ramshackle bar. Continue reading “A Backpacking Story”

Hot Chocolate Makes Me Ponder

August 2011
Sevilla, Spain

I was sitting outside a café, sipping hot chocolate and people-watching. Obviously my experience in Sevilla is unique because I happen to be a tourist—somebody who is merely passing through. But as I watched the cars whizzing by, couples greeting each other in front of restaurants, people jogging on the streets iPod-in-hand, I began to wonder what life in Sevilla would be like.

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