Travel Sketches: From Paris to Bali

I don’t paint often when I’m travelling. Being pressed for time—or, more often, sheer laziness/the social media sinkhole—gets in the way. But when I do make the time, I find that it intensifies the experience. There’s something about capturing a place you’re passing through in the pages of a sketchbook that feels both personal and indelible.

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Sketchbook: Frances Ha

Andy: So what do you do?
Frances: Eh… It’s kinda hard to explain.
Andy: Because what you do is complicated?
Frances: Eh… Because I don’t really do it.

I was re-watching Frances Ha last weekend and felt compelled to sketch this particular scene from the film. If you’re into oddball black-and-white movies about friendships and quarter life crises in New York City, then this film might be right up your alley. Continue reading “Sketchbook: Frances Ha”