In Photos: Farmers & Labourers Rally in Delhi

On September 5th, thousands of farmers and labourers from various parts of the country marched across New Delhi to demand loan waivers for small farmers, effective implementation of labour laws, minimum wage of Rs 18,000 per month and food security, among other things.

The Mazdoor Kisan Sangharsh Rally, organized by unions affiliated to the Communist Party of India (CPI), culminated on Parliament Street and is said to be the largest protest to take place at the venue this year. Continue reading “In Photos: Farmers & Labourers Rally in Delhi”

In Photos: Massive July 15th Rally in Istanbul

Last month, as the world gathered to watch France and Croatia battle it out on the football pitch, sports bars and restaurants across certain districts of Istanbul remained deserted. For millions of Turkish people, the highlight of that Sunday was not the 2018 World Cup final. Continue reading “In Photos: Massive July 15th Rally in Istanbul”

Strawberries from Palestine

This article was originally published on The Hindu thREAD.

I shuffle through the songs on my playlist restlessly while the bus remains firmly lodged in traffic. I was supposed to meet Zahra at 11 a.m., and I’m already half an hour late. Zahra sounds calm as she replies to my apologetic text, assuring me that she understands and would wait for me. Continue reading “Strawberries from Palestine”

Dispatches: Roots of a Fragmented Middle East

This piece has been published on The Hindu thREAD.

Nearly eight years have passed since that fateful December in 2010 when Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor, set himself alight on the streets of Sidi Bouzid to protest repeated mistreatment by local police and the impossibility of earning a living wage in the country. That event kicked off the Arab Spring, which spread rapidly to other parts of the Arab world and led to millions of people demonstrating against oppressive, authoritarian regimes and the ineffective governance that had prevailed for years. Continue reading “Dispatches: Roots of a Fragmented Middle East”

Dispatches: Mental Illness Runs Rife on Rikers Island

(This piece was originally completed as part of the ‘Journalism for Social Change’ course offered by UC Berkeley on the edX platform)

The box, as it is commonly referred to, is a tiny 6-by-8-foot cell consisting of a bed, sink, toilet and a small window. Hygiene is not a priority, with toilets often clogging and insects scampering about, and a slot in the metal door allows for food to be pushed in over the course of the day. During his time at Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail complex, Ismael Nazario recalls spending four months at a stretch in solitary confinement – or ‘punitive segregation’, as it is officially known at Rikers. Initially arrested at the age of 16 over an assault charge, he found himself back in Rikers Island a short while later for alleged robbery and was placed in solitary confinement for supposedly inciting a riot. Looking back at his time in the box, he recalls slowly losing his mind, experiencing hallucinations and struggling to deal with the incessant screaming of other confined inmates. Continue reading “Dispatches: Mental Illness Runs Rife on Rikers Island”