Going Backwards

December 2012
Chennai, India

I’m all about change—I thrive on it. I’ve grown up all across India, moving every two years and attending six different schools. This way of life continued right into my adulthood, which has seen me living in four countries and spending weeks and months at a time in eight others. It’s an adventure, and it certainly beats doing the-same-thing-every-other-day-for-the-rest-of-my-life. Continue reading “Going Backwards”

One Day in the Afternoon of the World

“He walked, one of many still abroad in the world, in the street. Every day gone with work unfinished, things to do, places to go, people to see, words to be spoken, a man himself unfinished, unfinishable, even by death unfinishable, even in birth unfinishable, a walker through days and nights until he is forty-seven all of a sudden. Everything moved, and the bus always got away. Everybody saw it go. Everybody was sorry to see it go, and took a drink, told a joke, said a prayer, wept, kissed, or swore. Continue reading “One Day in the Afternoon of the World”