Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

I spent a good chunk of September back home in Chennai, India, which partly explains why I haven't added anything to this space for over a month. Back when I used to live in Chennai, my friends and I regularly whined about the city - its crowds, the heat, public transportation, the conservativeness. We moaned about… Continue reading Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

Visual Diary: Miles from Budapest

It was rainy, gloomy and cold when I arrived in Budapest in the spring of 2014. Not exactly the kind of weather that leaves travellers jumping for joy. And yet that didn’t change the fact that Budapest is, as Anthony Bourdain noted, “ludicrously beautiful”. And so I trudged along, camera in tow, attempting to photograph… Continue reading Visual Diary: Miles from Budapest

Going Backwards

[Chennai Diaries. December 2012.] I'm all about change; I thrive on it. I've grown up all across the country, moving every two years, attending six different schools. It's an adventure, and it beats doing the same-thing-every-other-day-for-the-rest-of-my-life. Except at times like these. I'm going back to the city where I've spent ten long years of my… Continue reading Going Backwards