Fiction: Transitioning

At Platform 3 of the Chennai Central railway station, Madhu hugged her parents and stepped aboard the Tamil Nadu Express. The train started to pull away and her mother was predictably tearful as she waved goodbye. Her father adopted a brave expression, although Madhu knew that he was sick with worry, and placed his arm… Continue reading Fiction: Transitioning

Euphoria & Dread: The India I Know

Every time I return from India, there is a sense of loss - imprecise, suspended, like a hole without a ring. Yet there is also a feeling of release, as if one had just escaped death by drowning." - Sasthi Brata, 'India: Labyrinths in the Lotus Land' It's been five years since I actually lived… Continue reading Euphoria & Dread: The India I Know

My Article on The Hindu thREAD

In a matter of mere minutes, his behaviour transforms from loving to abusive. She suffers the blows silently, even in her misery playing the part of the obedient, respectful wife. A woman is chided by society for her loud and brash manner; background music meant to tug at one’s heartstrings accompanies the sermon they deliver… Continue reading My Article on The Hindu thREAD