The Balkans, Mashrou’ Leila & Being on the Road

I have finally bid goodbye to Münster, the quiet little German city that everybody constantly raved about but I just couldn’t warm up to. Since the start of April, I’ve been travelling across the Balkans, soaking in the diverse culture, cuisine, hospitality and unpretentiousness of the region. I’ve finally checked Sarajevo off my bucket list and discovered several other interesting places in the process: Tuzla & Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Split (Croatia), Skopje & Ohrid (Macedonia), Prishtina (Kosovo) and Tirana (Albania).

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Visual Diary: Dortmund Christmas Market

This post comes quite late; the last of the Christmas markets put up the shutters over three weeks ago.

I’m not very fond of these markets – they’re a tad too orchestrated and, as with Christmas in Germany in general, have a mercenary tinge to them.

But it’s still a good opportunity to photograph lights and carousels, and that I don’t entirely mind. Continue reading “Visual Diary: Dortmund Christmas Market”

Visual Diary: Autumn Walks in Münster

Each year autumn rolls around and reminds me of the fact that I didn’t experience this wondrous season in its full intensity until I was 21 years old, when I moved from India to the United States to attend graduate school. Up until then, all I’d known were scorching summers and a few frigid winters. Autumn in Colorado was a revelation, a scene straight out of a Monet painting in all its colourful splendour.

These days I live in Germany, in a place called Münster. I’m trying to soak up all the autumnal delights before the cold sweeps in, littering the streets with snow and leaving branches bare. Continue reading “Visual Diary: Autumn Walks in Münster”