Summertime Madness

Ah, summer. How I loathe you.

I grew up in Chennai, a city that witnesses summer year-round – the heat a sort of clingy, constant companion that you can never evade. We dealt with it using artificial, environmentally unfriendly methods to ease our suffering, shuffling from one air-conditioned environment to the next in an air-conditioned car. Continue reading “Summertime Madness”

Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

I spent a good chunk of September back home in Chennai, India, which partly explains why I haven’t added anything to this space for over a month. Back when I used to live in Chennai, my friends and I regularly whined about the city – its crowds, the heat, public transportation, the conservativeness. We moaned about life in Chennai while happily enjoying the free drinks that we were served in fancy bars on Ladies’ Nights (yes,the drinks were actually free, in a bid to get more women to show up). Continue reading “Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem”

Going Backwards

Chennai, India
December 2012

I’m all about change—I thrive on it. I’ve grown up all across India, moving every two years and attending six different schools. This way of life continued right into my adulthood, which has seen me living in four countries and spending weeks and months at a time in eight others. It’s an adventure, and it certainly beats doing the-same-thing-every-other-day-for-the-rest-of-my-life. Continue reading “Going Backwards”