Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

I spent a good chunk of September back home in Chennai, India, which partly explains why I haven’t added anything to this space for over a month. Back when I used to live in Chennai, my friends and I regularly whined about the city – its crowds, the heat, public transportation, the conservativeness. We moaned about life in Chennai while happily enjoying the free drinks that we were served in fancy bars on Ladies’ Nights (yes,the drinks were actually free, in a bid to get more women to show up). Continue reading “Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem”

“Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…”

Denver Diaries. June 2012.

Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell, ever since the day I first heard of her, has been a source of utter fascination to me. She was a lot of things – writer, traveller, political officer, an influential woman in a man’s domain – but she is perhaps best known for her contribution to British policy-making with regard to the Middle East, where she worked alongside the likes of Lawrence of Arabia and King Faisal of Iraq. Continue reading ““Songs of a Dead Laughter, Songs of Love Once Hot…””