Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

I spent a good chunk of September back home in Chennai, India, which partly explains why I haven't added anything to this space for over a month. Back when I used to live in Chennai, my friends and I regularly whined about the city - its crowds, the heat, public transportation, the conservativeness. We moaned about… Continue reading Of Cinema, Literature & the National Anthem

Visual Diary: Postcards from Bali II

A continuation of the Bali chronicles: evening walks, indulging in local food, a trip to the Elephant Cave (you won't actually find real elephants here), visiting the Ubud Royal Palace, tea & coffee tasting at a coffee plantation (my favourite? Lemongrass tea)... And cherished moments of early morning solitude as the light slowly seeped in… Continue reading Visual Diary: Postcards from Bali II

Visual Diary: Postcards from Bali

Earlier this year, I found myself on the Indonesian island of Bali. I don't think I've ever come across that luscious shade of green - and in such large quantities - anywhere else. We stayed at the Karma Jimbaran resort, in a quaint cottage with a charming little pool by the entrance. At every street corner… Continue reading Visual Diary: Postcards from Bali

Visual Diary: A Weekend in Frankfurt

This blog post was featured on the official Frankfurt Tourism site. Around mid-June, I returned to Frankfurt for a couple of days. I hadn't been back since that year I'd spent living there, in 2014-15. And what timing, too. After a spell of rain, the sky was glorious that weekend, rainbows and all.   Here's… Continue reading Visual Diary: A Weekend in Frankfurt