Strawberries from Palestine

This article was originally published on The Hindu thREAD.

I shuffle through the songs on my playlist restlessly while the bus remains firmly lodged in traffic. I was supposed to meet Zahra at 11 a.m., and I’m already half an hour late. Zahra sounds calm as she replies to my apologetic text, assuring me that she understands and would wait for me. Continue reading “Strawberries from Palestine”

Life Updates: The Balkans, Mashrou’ Leila & Being on the Road

I have finally bid goodbye to Münster, the quiet little German city that everybody constantly raved about but I just couldn’t warm up to. Since the start of April, I’ve been travelling across the Balkans, soaking in the diverse culture, cuisine, hospitality and unpretentiousness of the region. Continue reading “Life Updates: The Balkans, Mashrou’ Leila & Being on the Road”

Visual Diary: Weekend in Amsterdam

What’s not to love about Amsterdam? It’s a sight to behold, what with all the refreshing brown brick houses, ornate bridges and canal-lined streets. It also happens to be one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. The first time I was here was in February of last year; it was bitterly cold. I paid a visit to the Body Worlds exhibit, which I highly recommend.

Having grudgingly gotten used to the German way of avoiding eye contact and/or small talk with strangers, I was pleasantly taken aback when I entered a public restroom in the Netherlands only to be greeted with a warm smile from a fellow customer. The rest of my experiences only confirmed the fact that the Dutch are friendly folk. Continue reading “Visual Diary: Weekend in Amsterdam”