Sunset in Split

Split, Croatia. April 2018.

The bus made its way from Mostar to Split, halting at a nondescript gas station on the way. I had a cappuccino that – like every other cappuccino I’ve had in the Balkans, dark and intense – was far too strong to drain.

The usual fare of coffee and impossible-to-evade secondhand smoke.

Split is a peaceful Croatian city by the Dalmatian coast, home to an erstwhile Roman palace, an ancient aqueduct, and the familiar buzz of markets, restaurants, beaches and cafés. And while it isn’t terribly exciting, it’s a good spot to take a break, slow down and oil your wheels.

These photos were taken during a short hike up Marjane Hill, whilst taking in panoramic views of the still waters, followed by a walk along the harbour as night fell.












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