Sketchbook: Temple Street, Hong Kong

Some days you feel like painting a scene from a place you’ve never set foot in. Last Sunday, I poured myself some coffee, played some Mashrou’ Leila and got to work painting a busy night scene from Hong Kong’s Temple Street.


Thanks to Korkusung on Shutterstock, whose photo I’ve used as a reference for this piece.


Step One: A quick, light pencil sketch (I say quick but it took me quite a while to flesh out the details).


Step Two: Applying watercolour to the main blocks.


Step Three: Details, including people in the background, signboards and food & drinks on the table.


Step Four: Light and shadows.

And voilà, the final outcome:


I’ll admit, this piece took most of the day to complete. But I’m happy with the way it turned out. After all, a Sunday spent painting is a Sunday well spent, amiright?

See it on Instagram.

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