Sunday Sketchbook


After a long while, I decided to sketch a little something this weekend, using a photograph I’d taken at Gandhi Smriti as a reference. Back when I lived in Delhi, Gandhi Smriti was a place I enjoyed visiting. Not particularly because of Gandhi himself or the tragic events that transpired there, but because of the sense of calm it exuded.


In a city of almost 19 million people, it represents a small, tranquil corner unaffected by the mayhem outside. The building also houses a pretty cool museum that I’d recommend to anybody visiting Delhi.




PS. I’ve used Tombow Dual Brush Markers and Faber-Castell watercolour pencils for this one. I’m still experimenting with watercolours; I haven’t completely got the hang of it yet. That’s another thing on my bucket list – to one day immerse myself in learning everything about watercolours and how to use them. Preferably while in Italy, heh.

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