Visual Diary: A Weekend in Frankfurt

Around mid-June, I returned to Frankfurt for a couple of days. I hadn’t been back since the year that I’d spent living there, in 2014-15.

And what timing, too. After a spell of rain, the sky was all kinds of glorious that weekend.











Here’s a list of some of my favourite spots in the city:

1. Deutsches Filmmuseum

The Film Museum in Frankfurt is sleek, modern and takes you on a fascinating in-depth journey through the history of filmmaking. It also happens to have a charming in-house cinema of its own that offers a diverse selection of noteworthy films in various languages, including English. I still reminisce about summer evenings spent enjoying screenings of ‘The Hours’ and ‘Strangers on a Train’ here.
Museum Timings: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm | Wed 10 am – 8 pm | Mon closed
Museum Entry: €6 (regular), €3 (reduced) | Cinema ticket: €7 (adults), €5 (students)

2. South Indian Food at Saravanaa Bhavan

I can gorge on dosas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, it’s hard enough to find authentic Indian food in Germany, let alone south Indian food. Which is why when I stumbled upon Saravanaa Bhavan in Frankfurt, I was ecstatic. Sure, I’m not pleased about shelling out €7 for a dosa that costs the equivalent of 75 cents back in Chennai, but the food retains its authentic flavour and aroma so well that one simply can’t resist.
Timings: Mon – Sun 11 am – 10.30 pm | Kaiserstrasse 66

3. A Stroll along the Main

Walking along the banks of the river Main that flows through the city is a rejuvenating experience, especially if the weather isn’t playing spoilsport. During the warmer months, you’ll find people relaxing on the grass, reading, barbecuing and enjoying beers in the company of friends and family. And the views at night from the various bridges that run across the river are absolutely spectacular.

4. Museum for Comic Art

There are a number of museums in Frankfurt that are well worth your time, including the Städel, the Museum of Modern Art and the Frankfurt Historical Museum. One of my favourites is the delightful and often-overlooked Museum for Comic Art (Caricatura Museum). If you have an interest in comics, illustration, graphic novels and the like, this is a must-see.
Museum Timings: Tue – Sun 11 am – 6 pm | Wed 11 am – 9 pm | Mon closed
Entry: €6 (regular), €3 (reduced)

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