A List of Things

October 2012
Delhi, India

Three months since I moved to Delhi and started my first full-time job. I have things on my mind, a lot of them possibly nonsensical :

1. A (surprisingly painless) first – I got a tattoo!

2. I’m tired of Facebook activism.

3. Delhi schools ought to stress on the use of the “magic words” – please, sorry, thank you – until it is ingrained in the heads of these kids. Perhaps then they wouldn’t turn into such moronic adults. (And this, I must add, is the result of encountering one too many morons on the Delhi metro everyday)

4. Reading George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London” makes my string of failed attempts to get published seem like I am, indeed, on the path to literary success! Woo hoo.

5. My options at the theatres this week: the melodramatic, tear / cringe-inducing “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” (or) “Son of Sardaar” (I refuse to even describe it) (or) yet another sexist James Bond movie. Really…?

6. I am growing starkly aware of my ‘singleness’ with each passing day, especially with all the PDA around here.

7. No matter how often people tell me that “you’re an adult now, you will have to accept that 9 – to – 5 is a way of life”, I will continue to deny that it is natural. Or a way to live.

8. What I love: animated lunchtime conversations over roti, pasta, and rajma chawal with my new buddies at work. You guys make 9 – to – 5 bearable.

9. Oh, and I love this city.

2 thoughts on “A List of Things

  1. Hey fellow Delhi-ite
    haha, I’m glad you loved this place so much ( jk jk)
    I wont even justify this place by saying ‘ not all of us..’
    I hate it more than you. But this place has a way of growing on you…


    1. Haha, did I come across as sarcastic when I said I love this city? I actually wasn’t – despite all its flaws, I really do love Delhi (especially in the winter) 🙂


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