Hot Chocolate Makes Me Ponder

August 2011
Sevilla, Spain

I was sitting outside a café, sipping hot chocolate and people-watching. Obviously my experience in Sevilla is unique because I happen to be a tourist—somebody who is merely passing through. But as I watched the cars whizzing by, couples greeting each other in front of restaurants, people jogging on the streets iPod-in-hand, I began to wonder what life in Sevilla would be like.

I’d probably attend university or work, frequent pubs with friends, go running (okay, I probably wouldn’t go running), get takeout for dinner, stay out late on the weekends—in short, it would be pretty similar to life in Denver or Delhi, wouldn’t it? With cultural variations, of course, but on the whole pretty similar.

Which makes me wonder—is life just a matter of falling into routine? We have a set path and we seem to go about it without any questions or contemplation. So focused on surviving, on completing the task at hand, on living each day like the next. And for what?

I don’t get it.

(photo credit: pixabay)

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