Hot Chocolate Makes Me Ponder

Seville Diaries. August 2011.
So I was sitting outside a café, sipping hot chocolate and people-watching. Obviously my experience in Sevilla is unique because I happen to be a tourist, just passing through. But as I watched cars whizzing by, lovers meeting outside of restaurants and people jogging on the streets iPod-in-hand, I started to wonder – what would life in Sevilla be like?

I’d probably attend university or work, frequent pubs with my friends, jog (okay, I probably wouldn’t jog), get take-out, stay out late on weekends – in short, it would be pretty similar to life in Denver or Chennai wouldn’t it? With minor variations, but on the whole pretty similar.
Which makes me wonder – is life just a matter of falling into routine? We have a  set path and we seem to go about without really thinking about/questioning it – so focusses don surviving, on completing the task at hand, on living every day like the next. And why?
I don’t get it.
(photo credit: pixabay)

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